Internationale molenaarsconferentie ‘The Craft of the Miller: Evolving & Adapting’

Ambacht van Molenaar

On the 21st October 2021, the United Kingdom will host our next conference The Craft of the Miller: Evolving & Adapting

We will hear the stories of our milling colleagues from different parts of the UK with presentations including:

  1. “Bere Meal Production at Barony Mill, Orkney: Keeping a Tradition Alive” – telling the story of Bere Meal (made from a grain similar to Barley and unique to the Islands of Orkney in Scotland), how it is produced and how this mill keeps that tradition alive and thriving.
  2. “Welsh Grain to Welsh Flour – Traditional Mills and the Welsh Grain Network” – how two watermills are working to promote the production of local wheat varieties best suited to the Welsh climate and soils and building a following for their local flour.
  3. “Volunteer Millwrights, Millers and Friends – the Wicken Windmill Partnership” – how a group of people have used a Partnership model of ownership to repair, maintain and run this 208 year old working Cambridgeshire windmill now in its 25th year of restored operation.
  4. “Cann Mills: A 21st Century Commercial Watermill” – telling the story of the UK’s largest commercial water powered cornmill, a mill that has continued to work run by the Stoate family and so combines old and modern technology to deliver a range of flour products which are sold across the South of England and beyond.

We will also hear from the Mills Section of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) who work to protect and promote the UK’s milling heritage and the Traditional Cornmillers Guild who represent some 35 commercially focused wind and water mills.

There will be time for participants to ask questions and explore issues raised by the presentations and some social time to network at the end of the virtual conference.


Read here for more information and registration: 

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