Safeguarding and Public Awareness

The S&PA Team supports intangible cultural heritage communities in keeping their ICH alive and passing it on. Read more about safeguarding intangible cultural heritage in the various theme files.

Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage

The work of the Safeguarding and Public Awareness Team becomes particularly visible in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Network, the Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands and the Register of Inspiring Examples of Safeguarding. The S&PA team helps the practitioners of intangible cultural heritage with the set-up of their Safeguarding Plan and organises a course for this purpose: How can I protect my intangible cultural heritage? Setting-up heritage safeguarding.

It is only natural that safeguarding does not end with inclusion in the Network, the Inventory or the Register. The S&PA Team keeps in contact with all those ICH communities. Together with them we monitor the safeguarding every two years and offer customised support where necessary.

Strengthening the sector

Because UNESCO also stresses the importance of knowledge and experience exchange, we annually organise a nationwide ICH day and two regional ones. These days are meant for everyone who has entered intangible cultural heritage into the Network, the Inventory or the Register or intends to do so. The programme consists of a mixture of lectures, workshops and trainings and there is much time for exchange of tips & tricks. We also function as an information centre for questions about safeguarding. 

We like to cooperate with others in visualising and supporting intangible cultural heritage and ICH communities. For this reason we work on education, inter alia for heritage institutions, municipalities and provincial authorities. Intangible cultural heritage, after all, is a completely new branch of heritage and requires a different approach from, for instance, the care for monuments and museum objects.

Awareness and promotion

Another task is to raise the awareness with the public of the significance of intangible cultural heritage. For this purpose we pursue an active media policy, publish articles, start promotional campaigns, make (teaching) material and share methods of education from communities on intangible cultural heritage.

Safeguarding and Public Awareness Team

The Team consists of Pieter van Rooij, Frank Hemeltjen, Kelly Boender, Karlijn Bruggeman, and Saskia van Oostveen (Team head). You can reach us via

Themadossiers Erfgoedzorg