International Heritage Cooperation

The Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage is a new partner in International Heritage Cooperation. Therefore, the Centre will primarily focus on expanding its international network and building relationships. Our goal is that shared heritage communities in the Netherlands and the selected focus countries of Suriname, India, and Indonesia will be able to exchange their knowledge and expertise reciprocally and collaborate on projects that they themselves have been able to realize with the support of the embassies in the focus countries, involved NGOs, and the Centre.

To achieve this, we will undertake the following actions:

Theme 1: Expanding knowledge and network between and with (shared) heritage communities:

  • Building relationships
  • Assisting requests from communities listed in the Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands of the Centre for international exchange and projects. For example, providing assistance in finding partners, supporting project proposal writing, and referring to funding sources.

Theme 2: Strengthening collaboration with partners in international heritage cooperation for the benefit of shared heritage communities:

  • Organizing practical knowledge exchange at the NGO level, where knowledge can be both shared and acquired. This is done through visitor programs and workshops, among other means.
  • Initiating joint research and organizing international congresses and symposia collaboratively.
  • Acting as an intermediary between various (international) networks (Cultural sector, IES, UNESCO, and NGOs), maintaining mutual contacts, and establishing connections upon request.

Theme 3: Preserving network and knowledge:

  • Establishing a digital platform (in collaboration with RCE).


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