The Network of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) shows the variety of cultural expressions that communities, groups or individuals themselves recognize as intangible cultural heritage. They have registered this ICH in the Network. The Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage is therefore not responsible for the content of the description.


The Gouda stroopwafel (syrup waffle) is a cookie baked in a waffle iron, that is cut after baking and covered with syrup. There are two other bakeries in Gouda that make the waffles and that receive guests and give workshops for baking waffles by hand. Every year the last Saturday of June is the stroopwafel day.

The bakeries De Vlaam and Van den Berg operate the two remaining waffle bakeries of Kamphuizen waffles and Van Vliet. All four companies were or are family businesses. De municipality Gouda has included the stroopwafel in the city vision.

The syrup waffle was, at the time of its creation around 1800, a poor men's cookie that was baked with leftovers from the bakery and sold at the back door. Two cookies were glued together with syrup. Later they started baking waffles of dough in an iron and cutting them. Around 1800 there was also a syrup waffle factory in Gouda. Around 1960 there were about 40 bakeries in the city, now two more.


Siroopwafelbakkerij Van Vliet
Passage 31
2741 HB