The intangible heritage of the West-Kruiskade

How to deal with intangible heritage in a super diverse environment - an exploratory study of the situation in Rotterdam -

Super diversity Urban area Diversity Co-operation Lower government Safeguarding Government Participation

With this report, the Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage wants to explore the more policy-related aspects that have to do with safeguarding intangible heritage in a super diverse city like Rotterdam. How can we contribute to conditions in which intangible heritage can grow and a sustainable future can be given. In this case through a continuous exchange of traditions and celebrations and the role that cultural entrepreneurship could play in this. How can this be dealt with from a policy perspective? What can or what could be the role of the municipality? What do entrepreneurs need to be able to continue to play a role? Are there other stakeholders, such as museums or archives, who could possibly fulfill a platform function in the whole? This report is a first exploratory study of the approach in Rotterdam.


November 2020

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