The Network of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) shows the variety of cultural expressions that communities, groups or individuals themselves recognize as intangible cultural heritage. They have registered this ICH in the Network. The Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage is therefore not responsible for the content of the description.


Every year at Whitsun, travelers throughout the Netherlands come together for an annual gathering in Oudeschoot, in the municipality of Heerenveen. These days are important for the travelers’ community, where we inform each other of the happy and sad events of the past year. We are together with about 100 families then, in caravans and traditional trailers. A pastor comes to pray with us and wishes us a blessed Pentecost. May the outpouring of the Holy Spirit reach us all to be loving.

 Together, we visit the horse market in Oudeschoot on Whit Monday, which is also largely organised by travelers. Horses have traditionally been the most important possession for travelers, because these used to pull the wagons. Automatically, this is therefore a nice hobby for many travelers. Horse trading was and still is done a lot. In Oudeschoot, at the horse market, there are many travelers. This “Skoattermerke” is one of the largest horse markets in the country and has existed at this location since the 15th century. The horse is sacred to the travelers and the well-being of the horses is well looked after at the market; they get all they need. A place has also been set up for travelers to pitch their camper vans. Birds are also an old traveler's tradition. Native birds such as goldfinches, chaffinches and siskins used to be caught and caged or kept in aviaries; nowadays this is no longer allowed and the birds are bred. They are kept as pets and brought to Oudeschoot in the finest cages and given all the care and attention they need. Many travelers therefore keep an aviary with native wild birds. It is very pleasant to have everyone together at the annual gathering.

'Stieg throwing' is an old game that we play together these days. Only travelers play this game.