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'Sincere Haarlem oil' is available through drugstores and pharmacists dropping bottles for the old-fashioned way of taking (eg on a sugar cube), or in flavorless and odorless capsules and as an ointment. Haarlem oil is said to be especially beneficial in the healing of wounds, to have a disinfecting effect and to have a good effect on the kidneys and urinary tract.

Practitioners and those involved are the manufacturer in 11th generation and users of the Haarlem oil in the Netherlands and worldwide.

In 1696, Claes Tilly invented the Haarlem oil. A tool, made according to still a secret family recipe, that is supposed to be especially beneficial in healing many ailments. Via merchant shipping, fishing, trade and mission, it spreads far beyond the national borders. After more than 300 years, it is still found in many households.


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