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As customer concerns about the environment intensify, the use of LED lights in buildings will increase, resulting in rapid growth in the global high-power LED market. The market for high-power LED lights is growing in tandem with the general lighting industry’s expansion. However, the availability of less expensive LED lights, especially those made in China, could limit the demand for high-power LEDs in the future. Nonetheless, the eco-friendliness of high-power LEDs, which do not contain toxic mercury, will mitigate the effect of restraining factors, resulting in the rapid growth of the global high-power LED market in the coming years. Several companies have made significant investments in the LED industry over the last decade, resulting in the development of groundbreaking LED technologies. Growing demand for energy-efficient lighting sources, such as high-power LEDs, is fueling the growth of the high-power LED industry, which is fueled by the growing adoption of energy-efficient products and increasing government emphasis on energy-saving. High-power LEDs improve energy efficiency while also providing a high level of brightness.