The Network of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) shows the variety of cultural expressions that communities, groups or individuals themselves recognize as intangible cultural heritage. They have registered this ICH in the Network. The Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage is therefore not responsible for the content of the description.


The Beetroot Tour is a four-day tour that is sailed every autumn by flat-bottomed boats with a symbolic amount of sugar beet on board. This event was created to give a face to the history of the transport of cargo under sail across the Zeeland waters. The maintenance of craftsmanship (traditional sailing and sailing) is also of great importance.

Ship owners and persons of all ages of the sailing heritage are practitioners and people involved.

Since 1999 the Bietentocht has been sailing in Zeeland. The idea behind this journey is to maintain a piece of history visually and perceptibly. The traditional flat-bottomed boats sail with symbolic quantities of beets that are brought every morning thanks to the Suikerunie and taken on board in a wicker basket.

The trip is sailed as it was in earlier times, around 1900 done.


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