The Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in the Netherlands contains ICH of which the communities, groups or individuals involved have written a safeguarding plan. Those plans are reviewed by an independent review committee. Every three years an evaluation of the safeguarding takes place.


The Civic Town Guard of Weert is an association which shows by its performance that it is closely connected with the history of the town of Weert. The guard is present at many official occasions, in colourful costumes, copied from the group paintings of guard members by Frans Hals. Every year, on November 25th, the name day of patroness Saint Catherine is extensively celebrated. The king’s bird shooting  happens in accordance with old customs. On King’s Day gun salutes are fired for the Majesty and the Town Guard takes a tour around the town, meanwhile inspecting the fortifications. On the Sunday of the fair, the Town Guard takes another tour around, after the members have attended the fair mass. The guard joins the Sacrament Procession through Weert to guard the Blessed Sacrament.



Many inhabitants of Weert, and certainly the council and the board of the collegiate church of Weert, are very sympathetic towards the guard. The traditions of the Gilde van Wieerter Stadsschötte Sint Catharina 1480, the official – dialect – name of the Town Guard, are first of all supported by the members of the guard, their family, friends and relationships. The guard is affiliated with the Old Limburgian Shooters Federation. The Town Guard has a Sjöttesjoeel (dialect for shooter’s school) and provides information and lessons to young people. By means of educational packages the pupils of the highest primary school classes in Weert are reached.



The Civic Town Guard of Saint Catherine sprang up in a religious brotherhood in 1480. The Lord of Weert decided to regulate the brotherhood of Saint Catherine and appoint them as Civic Town Guard/Guild for the protection of the town of Weert. There could be maximum 41 uniformed members. In the course of the centuries the guard developed into an organisation in which the ceremonial character in particular was important. The motto: ‘Voor Alter, Heerd en Troon’ (for altar, hearth and throne) is still valid. The weapons that are used by the guard, have changed considerably. The medieval civic town guards used longbows, crossbows and foot bows. Today one uses muskets. Until 1949 the Guard of Saint Catherine remained in existence. In that year it was forced to retire, because of the lack of active members. In 1987 the initiative was taken to breathe new life into the old Civic Town Guard. Because the old guard had never been officially liquidated, the new one was called after the ages old Saint Catherine. The new Civic Town Guard of Weert received the name: Gilde van Wieerter Stadsschötte Sinte Catharina 1480.



Gilde van Wieerter Stadsschötte Ste Catharina 1480
Poldermolen 3
6003 BC